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A drug that is destroying the minds of Americans but no one is really talking about it.

Yes, today the United States is a wash in an Heroin epidemic with addicts dying of overdoses everyday. There is a second drug that is destroying the minds of Americans but no one is really focusing on this particular issue related to addiction. It seems that Meth usage is more prevalent in middle class and lower income neighborhoods but that will soon change with the over prescribing of the prescription Amphetamine, Adderall. The story will be the same as most of those that now are abusing Heroin but their addiction started with the prescription drug Oxycodone or Vicodin. When an addict no longer has access to prescription drugs there is always an option readily available on the street. What is even more alarming is the fact that Ice known as Meth is being used as a replacement for Cocaine in what is known as a Speedball. The deadly mix of a stimulant and Heroin has killed quite a few celebrities such as Jimm Belushi in the past. When use see the list of chemicals I will post used in today’s Ice or Meth it will be easy realize why this drug can cause permanent psychosis or brain damage.

Chemicals commonly used to make Crystal Meth:
a) Pseudoephrine
b) Acetone
c) Freon
d) Red Phosporus
e) Hydrophosphrous Acid
f) Lithium
g) Hydriodic Acid
h) Iodine Crystals
I) Phenylopropanolamine

Now keep in mind that all the above listed chemicals are highly corrosive or toxic and some can easily ignite causing an explosion during the manufacturing process of Meth.

Mental Health workers be prepared:
Those who abuse Crystal Meth are highly unpredictable. When they are actually detoxing one minute they can appear to be extremely depressed or may actually be in a drug induced psychosis so when dealing with these types of patients be prepared for extreme mood swings. The effects of Meth can last for months in some cases after an addicts last usage of the drug and may need additional help rebuilding cognitive skills once they have detoxed. It has also been said that in some cases that Meth addicts can have issues with mood regulation for up to five years after they have gotten clean and sober. So as American deals with an Heroin epidemic it might want to keep an eye of an increase of addicts being admitted to hospitals due addicts to being in a Crystal Meth psychosis.

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