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Evidence Based Addiction Treatment

Haven House brings together a full spectrum of treatment options demonstrating incredible success rates for our clients.

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Offering Compassionate Care

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Center

Alcohol and drug addiction is complicated with many contributing factors. A rehab and addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, Haven House provides scientific, evidence based substance abuse treatment programs for many stages of recovery from addiction. Haven House offers support and healing for those suffering from substance abuse issues including but not limited to; heroin, opiates, fentanyl, alcohol, prescription pills, meth as well as all other substances.  Haven House also treats those struggling with dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. We are centrally located and in close proximity to; Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Culver City.  Call anytime 424-258-6792.

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  Medically Managed Detox

Chemical dependency often requires that the body undergo detoxification before an individual can get started on the road to recovery. We understand how vulnerable our clients and their families are during this sensitive time. Our program was designed to meet these exact needs. We offer a fully customized Detox experience where we attend to each clients’ dietary needs, comfort and support as well as prepare them for a meaningful treatment experience. Our physicians have decades of experience and are able to safely and comfortably manage the symptoms of withdrawal using the latest evidence-based approaches. Our professionally trained staff of experts provide 24-hour round-the-clock support and care throughout the entire process.

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  Residential Treatment

Our Residential Treatment program is located in an intimate six-bed home within the Beverlywood community of Los Angeles. It is specifically designed to help our clients feel safe and carefully tended to throughout their treatment experience. Individuals in Residential Treatment are typically stepping down from detox or have realized they need more support than an outpatient setting can provide. Throughout Residential Treatment, clients engage in an intensive program consisting of individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric evaluation and medical management. We utilize evidence-based modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Therapy with a strong focus on Mindfulness training for emotion regulation.

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  Traumatic Brain Injury

(TBI) refers to an external impact to the head that causes injury and possibly impacts cognitive, social, emotional, and behavioral functions. The result can vary in severity from mild to severe and can be transient or permanent. Due to the specific nature of each injury, it’s important to have a full understanding of the implications of the injury in order to best understand what’s needed for recovery. At Haven House, we use a wide variety of diagnostic tools to best understand each client’s unique needs and create a custom care plan to support their individualized recovery.

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  Sober Living

Haven House has been a leader in Sober Housing in the Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, and Century City areas since 2004. Sober Living is a great option for individuals needing a safe and structured living environment. Our homes are designed to support those transitioning from Residential Treatment to living on their own again. It provides our clients with the necessary scaffolding to continue on the trajectory of growth made while in the treatment setting. Within the Sober Living environment, our clients continue to build upon the tools learned in treatment, discover the value of community and build lifelong friendships.

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  Our Holistic Approach

At Haven House, we believe that addiction is a maladaptive response or way of coping with life when individuals lack the ability to access healthier options. What sets these maladaptive coping mechanisms in motion are numerous; trauma, loss, unresolved grief, and co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression. These are some of the primary triggers that decrease resiliency and increase susceptibility to addiction.

The staff of Haven House understands the complexity of these triggers and are trained in evidence-based modalities that address each and every one of these issues. We also understand and embrace the diversity of our clients and know that healing cannot take place from a formulaic approach. Each of our therapists are trained in a specialization and are able to meet our clients exactly where they are, and do so with deep soul and understanding.

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No one has ever reached out to me like you have just want you to know it’s very much appreciated, I’m not a dollar sign to you, like most of these places or institutions. Thanks Again.

S.F.Haven House Advocate

Thank you for everything!!! When I met you at the baggage claim at LAX, I never could have imagined you & Haven House would change my life and perception so drastically. You’re truly an amazing man with a big heart, who continues to lead by example.

J & JHaven House Advocate

Thank you so much for all your support and help with our son for these past 10 months. I truly appreciate you always being there to answer our endless questions and inquiries. Our experience with your facility has been top notch and we will always refer you with the highest regard.

S.A.Haven House Advocate

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