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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions asked frequently about Haven house and our treatment approach.

We hope you find our answers informative and we ask that if you have further questions, never hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help.

Who do we help?

Haven House offers Sober Living for Men and Non-Binary Individuals

What levels of care are offered by Haven House?

Haven House offers Sober Living for Men and Non-Binary Individuals

What is the average age of clients at Haven House?

The average age of residents at Haven House is 27-40 but greatly depends on current census

What is the average length of stay at Haven House?

Sober Living Clients tend to stay 6-9 months

Can I have my cellphone or computer?

When a client enters Haven House, we permit them to use their cell phone and computer unless the prior treatment center’s exit plan recommends that they don’t. Also if we feel a client is isolating or in danger, we do reserve the right to restrict or take them away.

Do your houses need any licensing to operate?

Sober Living does not provide either medical or therapeutic treatment so no state board offers a license. We are members of The Sober Living Coalition which is a governing body that has yearly inspections and standards for quality.

What is your smoking policy?

Our clients are allowed to smoke but encouraged against smoking. We have one designated smoking area in each house.

How are meals handled by Haven House?

Our clients are responsible for shopping and preparing meals for themselves. We are happy to assist them in this as we hope to enhance life skill development.

Does Haven House provide therapist or psychiatrist?

We have a vast network of clinicians that provide services at their outside costs. We provide all the accountability, community and support.

Is there a physical activity component to Haven House?

Our Sober Living has a gym onsite.

Does Haven House help the clients to find a job?

Yes, when they are ready to look for work we will help them create a resume and walk through the process of getting a job. We have relationships with different businesses in the area and can help prepare clients for job interviews. We feel it’s important to empower clients through helping them find employment.

Does Haven House help the clients enroll in school?

Yes, we will walk them through that entire process. There are often other students in the house to support clients with their educational goals.

Will Haven House help them find a volunteer program?

Yes, we work with different volunteer programs and will match the clients up with a cause they feel passionately about.

Can Haven House help with letters to courts or such?

Yes, we are happy to furnish a letter to any court about the clients stay at Haven House.

Does Haven House provide 24/7 staff?

Yes, we employ 3 full shifts of staff members per day including an awake graveyard shift that makes hourly rounds, logs them and sends the logs to the Program Director of the house in the morning.

How long has Haven House been open?

Haven House has been open since October of 2004

Are there Sober Livings in Beverly Hills?

Yes, Haven House is located in the Beverlywood area and is Beverly Hills adjacent.

Are there Sober Livings in Los Angeles?

Yes, Haven House is located in the Beverlywood area and is Beverly Hills adjacent.

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