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Alcohol and drug addiction is complicated with many contributing factors. A rehab and addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, Haven House provides scientific, evidence based substance abuse treatment programs for many stages of recovery from addiction. Haven House offers support and healing for those suffering from substance abuse issues including but not limited to; heroin, opiates, fentanyl, alcohol, prescription pills, meth as well as all other substances.  Haven House also treats those struggling with dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders. We are centrally located and in close proximity to; Beverly Hills, Century City, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Culver City.  Call anytime (424) 258-6792.

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Southern California Drug Rehab

Southern California Drug Rehab

Medically Managed Detox

Los Angeles

When a person has become physically addicted to drugs, it becomes a mental and psychological process to get back on the road to recovery. The body itself must first physically detoxify and recuperate. Because you never know how much care you will need, it is important to check into a facility that offers specialized programs. Our Los Angeles drug and alcohol treatment program provides supervised and medically managed detoxification for all clients. You will be assessed by our medical and clinical teams who will then create the appropriate treatment plan to provide you with a level of care that is specific to your individual needs. We cater not only to your physical symptoms but to your mental ones, as well. You will detox in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment while under the close medical supervision of our professional staff.

Residential Treatment

Los Angeles

The journey to recovery begins after detox. Haven House offers a number of comprehensive substance abuse recovery programs to put you on the right path. We offer a six-bed, retreat style atmosphere that is based on a holistic healing approach. Our residential treatment program was developed for both men and women and includes intensive group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, individual case management, holistic treatments, and life skills services.

Dual Diagnosis

Los Angeles

A dual diagnosis occurs when substance abuse and a mental health condition exist simultaneously. For example, an individual with PTSD may lean on substances and become addicted in an effort to cope with their triggers, nightmares, and anger issues. Conversely, an an alcoholic may begin to suffer from depression due to the worsening disease and the wreckage that occurs in their lives due to their drinking. No matter which disorder develops first, both have an adverse effect on the other.

When an individual checks into Haven House, we create an individualized treatment plan which addresses both the substance abuse and the mental health components. We provide both the emotional and physical support needed in order to get to the core of the addiction and on to the path of long-term recovery.

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We’re available 24/7

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Sober Living Home

In addition to rendering sophisticated addiction treatment, Haven House has been a leader in providing Sober Housing since 2004. Our Residential and Sober Living facilities are staffed by a highly trained team of professionals with years of experience working in the field of addiction treatment. Contact us today for more information about our sober living home.


No one has ever reached out to me like you have just want you to know it’s very much appreciated, I’m not a dollar sign to you, like most of these places or institutions. Thanks Again.

By S.F.

Thank you for everything!!! When I met you at the baggage claim at LAX, I never could have imagined you & Haven House would change my life and perception so drastically. You’re truly an amazing man with a big heart, who continues to lead by example.

By J. & J

Thank you so much for all your support and help with our son for these past 10 months. I truly appreciate you always being there to answer our endless questions and inquiries. Our experience with your facility has been top notch and we will always refer you with the highest regard.

By S.A.

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