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This is my first post!

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Signs You Have an Opioid Addiction

Signs You Have an Opiate Addiction

Max’s Story Ever since he could remember, Max* knew that he was born to run. When other kids were swimming in the lake during the summer, […]

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[Infographic] A Look at Alcohol Addiction in the US

1 in 12 adults in the US is dependent on alcohol. That’s approximately 16 million Americans overall. We put together this infographic to shed light on […]

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[Infographic] 14 Terrifying Stats About Drug Use Worldwide

Last month Haven House took a look at the disturbing state of drug use in the USA. This month we are looking at the state of […]

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[Infographic] Drug Use in the USA: A State-by-State Look

Drug use is an unfortunate phenomenon that affects people in each of America’s 50 states. In the following infographic, Haven House examines patterns of drug use […]

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how to choose an outpatient rehab

Choosing Outpatient Treatment

When you’re looking to unshackle yourself from drugs and alcohol, you might consider outpatient rehab, an intensive program that doesn’t require a residential commitment. Instead, clients […]

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10 Tips to Choosing the Best Inpatient Rehab Center

If your life has been derailed by drugs or alcohol, maybe it’s time to say “Enough.” But what comes next? Where – and how – do […]

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Man at desk in shirt and tie holding his head and worrying about money.

4 Signs You Might be Addicted to Work

When you think about a “workaholic”, what typically comes to your mind? For those of us in recovery, we often find ourselves trading one addiction for […]

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5 Perspectives to View Your Addiction

Addiction is not an affliction of the few or weak. While some struggle with destructive addictions like alcohol and drugs, most people have some addiction of […]

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Getting Sober & Finding Your First Job

A big issue for Alcoholics and Addicts that are newly sober is finding employment. Today’s job market looks dramatically different compared to what it looked like […]

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Fear, Anxiety and Social Media.

Today in America we are bombarded with images of horror and terror on a minute to minute basis via social media and news outlets. It has […]

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Domestic Violence, PTSD and Addiction.

Today many Mental Health Clinicians see a direct link between emotional trauma and addiction. The cause of emotional trauma is Post Traumatic Stress and how it […]

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Super Meth from Sinaloa Mexico..

A drug that is destroying the minds of Americans but no one is really talking about it. Yes, today the United States is a wash in […]

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Introducing the staff of Haven House Treatment Center

The Haven House staff is completely invested in the positive outcomes of our clients. No matter what their area of expertise, the Haven House team works […]

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Is time your friend or your enemy?

Time can be our friend or our enemy. Thinking about time can be your friend or your enemy. When thinking about it in recovery terms you […]

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Recognizing Clinical excellence at Haven House Treatment Center.

Haven House IOP Therapist of the Week: Andrew Wasser is a Mindfully based Marriage Family Therapist, where his approach to Psychotherapy is helping his clients to […]

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Russian Roulette, Alcohol and Prescription Drugs.

Mixing Pain Killers with Alcohol. We hear headlines everyday that a record number of people are being admitted to Emergency Rooms nationwide due to prescription drug […]

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You put down drugs and alcohol. Now sex is ruining your life.

When addict or alcoholic gets clean and sober they may think that the substance they were abusing was the problem. Addiction has many faces and it […]

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Stress Management

A great way to start the day and a holistic way to control Panic Attacks. For Centuries Meditation has been used by many cultures as a […]

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Proactive parenting can help prevent drug overdoses.

Proactive parenting and possibly preventing the next opiate overdose. Many parents today do not realize that their son or daughter are addicted to Prescription drugs or […]

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