About Us

Recovery is a life long journey and despite our best intentions it can take a constant strength and focus to maintain.

We’ve also discovered that this journey is unique to each person and, like any true personal growth, is not a one time event. We continuously face hurdles and move through the same issues and setbacks as as we redefine our path.

The Road to Recovery and Avoiding Controversy

A Community Within A Community

The mission of Haven House Sober Living is to provide the best of care for our clients. Our passion stems from the desire to affect positive change on the lives of those who are struggling with the devastating effects of addiction and help them along in the process of healing their lives.

Whether you or a loved one are stepping down from a residential treatment center, or simply realizing that substance abuse is getting in the way, Haven House Sober Living offers a variety of services that will support clients every step of the way.

Haven House Sober Living in the Media

The following is an in-depth interview with Jeremy Stanton, the founder of Haven House Sober Living, detailing his journey in establishing an addiction treatment facility.

He talks about what drove him behind setting up a not-for-profit addiction treatment center like Haven House Sober Living, its developing days’ challenges, and, more importantly, its impact on the individuals seeking recovery. Stanton holds great concern for individual care and the different programs developed to help the clients on their path to recovery.