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Time can be our friend or our enemy.

Thinking about time can be your friend or your enemy. When thinking about it in recovery terms you may have thoughts of joy or it may bring up anxiety which can be a trigger for some. To put it into context for the newly sober person that is why terms such as just for today or one day at a time we’re invited to keep us into the present day and what we are doing right now. If we slip back into thoughts of what we should have done yesterday and what we have yet to do tomorrow this thought process can be unbearable for some and trigger panic attacks and stress. This also applies to the person with long-term recovery as no one wants to hang out with an old-timer who is stressed out and a sour puss all the time. If we were able to do what we could today to the best of our willingness and stay in the moment sober then you were a success today.

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