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The battle does not stop once you leave drug rehab. In fact, you will be facing another battle after you leave rehab. There is a possibility that you will relapse, but you should not look at it as a failure.

Addiction is not a Moral Issue

Many people believe that people who are battling addiction are immoral. However, it is important to remember that addiction is not a moral issue. It is a disease just like diabetes or cancer. Many people do not realize how easy it is to start using drugs and alcohol again. All it takes is one slip up for one to relapse.

Relapsing is not a sign of failure. It is a sign that you have a chronic disease that has to be properly treated.

Relapsing is a Common Problem

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 40 to 60 percent of people who go through drug rehab will end up relapsing. This is comparable to people who are battling other chronic diseases. The stigma and judgment that comes along with dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction make it difficult for people to get the help that they need.

Recovery is a Complicated Term

When most people hear the term “recovery”, they think about someone who lives a complete drug or alcohol-free life. However, it is important to note that recovery is a broad term. For example, if you are reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink, then you are in recovery.

You are also in recovery if you have been sober for a certain amount of time.

It is a Sign That Your Treatment Plan has to Change

Relapsing is not a sign that you have failed. However, it is a sign that the treatment regimen that you are currently using is not working. There are several adjustments that need to be made. For example, you may need to go to more counseling sessions per week. You may also need to join a support group. Additionally, you may need to start a medication.

Relapsing is not an Event

People do not just start using drugs and alcohol out of the blue. It is a process. There are several events that may have led up to it. Some of the following can cause a person to start using drugs and alcohol.

  • You start to think that life would be better with drugs and alcohol.
  • You worry about how you are going to live without drugs or alcohol.
  • You get angry easily.
  • You are frustrated with the way that the recovery process is going.
  • You deny that you have a problem because you have been sober for a long time.

Relapsing is a Part of Recovering

You may fall a few times before you stay on the sober path. Relapsing is a part of the recovery process. The key thing to remember is that relapsing is just one part of your journey. It does not stop your journey.