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Staying sober is a lifelong battle for addicts. The temptation to abuse drugs is overwhelming for many who are trying to remain sober. However, if you avoid certain situations and behaviors, then you can improve your chances of staying sober. 

Choose the Right Friend Group

Some recovering addicts make the mistake of hanging out with other addicts. Being around those who drink or abuse drugs will undoubtedly tempt a sober person to relapse. While you may miss your old friends, you must think about your own health.

When a friend invites you to a place where alcohol is served, tell your friend that you’re no longer a drinker. If your friend respects that, he or she will agree to your request. If your friends continue to abuse substances, ask them not to do it around you. If a friend refuses to respect your needs, it’s probably time to look for another friend. 

There are many people out there who know how to have fun without drugs and alcohol. Consider getting involved in these types of social events:

  • Throw your own party. You can invite friends who enjoy the same sport as you. Together, you can eat and talk and watch the game on television. Because the event will take place at your home, you can ensure that drugs and alcohol won’t be present.
  • If you’re a reader, join a book club or online community of readers.
  • Consider socializing at your town’s community center or a local park. Alcohol is generally not allowed in these places, so you probably won’t be tempted to drink or get high.

Change Your Behavior

Keep in mind that if you want to stay sober, you can never do the following again:

  • Never go out for just one beer. One beer will tempt you to drink more, and your past history already proves you struggle with self-control. 
  • You cannot hang out in your old drinking places again. Think about the bars, houses and other places where you went to get high, and then be sure to avoid such places.
  • Do not keep alcohol or drugs at your house. While you may think you can only use drugs casually, this won’t work. The temptation will be too much for you, especially if you’re recently sober.

Socialize With Recovering Addicts

Attending a rehab facility will connect you with other recovering addicts. While at rehab, collect the phone numbers of other recovering addicts. Plan to regularly invite these people to your house for dinner or coffee. This will allow you to socialize with those who can offer you advice.

If you did not go through rehab, find a drug abuse support group online. Communicate with your online community when you’re feeling weak. You can also offer advice to others as they struggle. 

Bottom line, you can increase your chances of staying sober if you avoid places and people who tempt you to relapse. In order to stay sober, you must also change your mentality. Avoid situations that tempt you to drink. Socialize with other recovering addicts to form a support system.