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After getting treatment for an addiction, the process of leaving rehab can be trying. There are so many unknowns one faces as they head out the door with an absolute focus on staying sober. For the recovering individuals who may not yet be ready to tackle full responsibility for their lives, a sober living home is the perfect bridge between rehab and life as a sober person.

The Lifestyles of Working Professionals and Executives

Drug and alcohol addictions are equal opportunity diseases. They affect everyone one in much the same way when it comes to breaking down the individual’s ability to manage life. While working professionals and business executives are no better or worse than anyone else, their lifestyles do present different challenges in treatment and recovery.

These are typically individuals who have the advantage of financial security, which allows them certain privileges and comforts in life. For them, being comfortable in any setting requires access to certain amenities and a higher level of privacy. If keeping someone comfortable during recovery is mandated to assure smooth sailing, these are issues that people need to consider when looking for a sober living facility.

Personal Benefits of Professional and Executive Sober Livings

For the reasons mentioned above as well as other considerations, there are a number of sober living homes throughout the US that cater to professionals and business executives. These types of sober living homes exist as an alternative for people who want to feel connected to their normal ways of living. Remember, sober living homes exist to provide a smooth transition between rehab and normal life. Normal life for professionals and executives has specific nuances.

In an effort to provide the most comfortable living environment for individuals who have specific needs, executive sober living homes provide the following personal benefits:

Privacy– Professionals and business executives usually have a higher level of responsibility than non-executives. They run organizations, employ people and might have a high exposure to the public. For these and other reasons, privacy is an essential part of recovery for them. Executive sober living homes know how to provide extra security to protect the identity of its residents.

Luxurious Amenities– The fact someone can afford a higher standard of living is not a bad thing. If having access to nice amenities and outdoor activities is normal for a professional or business executive, a sober living home that provides those things would be preferable.

Peer Group Support– Like-minded individuals find it easier to develop camaraderie. Given the importance of developing reliable support groups, an executive sober living environment brings together people with very specific things in common, which could enhance the building of lasting support relationships.

Flexibility– Most sober living homes have serious restrictions to help people in recovery build structure in their lives. Because of the higher levels of responsibility, professionals and executives need more flexibility in how they run their day-to-day lives. Executive sober living homes take this into account and prescribe rules and standards that better address the executive’s needs.

In a world where people get what they pay for, there’s no sin in a professional or executive paying more for more comfort and privileges. The most important thing about recovery is getting people back to normal living. A sober living home exists to help integrate people back into their lives without drugs and alcohol.