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Substance Abuse Treatment Program | Los Angeles

Haven House Treatment Centers in Los Angeles, California specialize in substance abuse treatment programs ranging from medically supervised detoxification to sober living, and everything in between.

A Range of Addiction Recovery Programs

Through the help of our committed and caring team of specialists, our substance abuse programs in Los Angeles are uniquely geared towards individualizing the right recovery plan for your needs. Haven House Intensive Treatment Services is a full-service clinical substance abuse program in Los Angeles designed to treat clients with drug abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our intensive treatment programs offer a comprehensive menu of thorough group, individual and family therapy services designed to support each individual. Our substance abuse treatment programs and treatment modalities are evidenced based. Our services are delivered by a team of Masters and doctoral level clinicians who are both experts in the field and deeply committed to helping clients and their families heal from the disease of addiction.

  Medically Managed Detox

Before the psychological road to recovery can begin, the body must often physically recuperate and detoxify. Detoxification at home can not only be physically and emotionally challenging, but also dangerous.

Due to the developed dependency on the substance, your body often experiences negative withdrawal symptoms, with the severity ranging from person to person. This is why our drug treatment programs in Los Angeles and alcohol treatment programs in Los Angeles offer medically managed detoxification. Our medical team provides a personalized assessment to determine the appropriate level of care that caters to both your physical and emotional symptoms. Through the support and supervision of our caring team, detoxification can be done in a safe and secure environment.

  Residential Treatment

At Haven House, we understand that the journey toward healing does not always end with physical detoxification.

Our wide range of substance abuse recovery programs offer residential treatments for both men and women, which encompass individual therapy, case management, group therapy, life skills services and holistic treatments. Through evidence-based individual therapy as well as support through our healing community, recovery is attainable. Our residential treatment centers acknowledge that each individual has a unique story and that addiction comes in many forms. At each of our six-bed, retreat-style residential facilities, we care for those who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, traumadual diagnosis, depression and anxiety, co-occurring disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders and codependency. Through a holistic, evidence-based healing approach, Haven House is here to support you through every facet of recovery.

  Dual Diagnosis

Close to 9 million Americans are impacted by dual diagnosis each year, a majority of which are not properly treated.

Dual diagnosis is when a mental health condition and substance abuse occur simultaneously. Either disorder can develop first, but regardless, both have an adverse, and worsening effect on the other. At Haven House, our mental health programs understand the co-occurring nature of dual diagnosis and have physical and emotional supports in place to address recovery from multiple angles.

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