Heroin Treatment & Rehab Los Angeles

Heroin Addiction

At Haven House, we have years of experience treating people who struggle with an addiction to heroin. There are many heroin addiction symptoms that can be detrimental to your health. Heroin addiction and abuse can lead to severe health risks, including infections of the heart lining and its valves, skin infections, lung diseases, and IV usage can also lead to collapsed veins and high risks of contracting HIV and hepatitis B & C.

Signs of Heroin Addiction

Signs and symptoms of heroin use and addiction can vary depending on person. But the most common signs of heroin addiction to look out for are:

● Disorientation ● Weight loss ● Mood Swings ● Paranoia ● Extreme itching

Co-Occurring disorders of heroin addiction include:

● Eating disorders ● Depression ● Bipolar disorder ● PTSD ● Alcoholism

Seeking a medically-managed detox and heroin treatment program is the best option in getting sober and kicking the habit. If you’ve ever tried to quit “cold turkey”, you probably know all too well how miserable heroin withdrawal symptoms can make you feel. Heroin withdrawal symptoms include shaking, nervousness, sweating, and depression. A medically managed detox for heroin withdrawal is important. There is no need to suffer. Our goal is to help you on that journey and make you as safe and comfortable as possible during your treatment for heroin addiction.

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