We may have won in Iraq but Veterans lose to Addiction and PTSD here at home. The United States may have won the war in Iraq but many veterans are losing a personal battle against Addiction and PTSD. Today hundreds of thousands of military veterans are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress, Substance use disorder and Alcohol use disorder.It they are lucky they might be able to receive treatment at a local VA hospital. There are now many non profit organizations available to assist veterans with mental health related issues. It is imperative that our society as a whole help these men and women who have made a huge sacrifice to protect our country. Due to military training it is difficult for them to accept words such as surrender or defeat. There is a silent killer in the military veteran community and it’s name is suicide. 17-30 military veterans commit suicide daily in the United States. If you know a military veteran suffering from addiction of Post Traumatic Stress make sure to reach out and ask for help.

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