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Medically Managed Detox

Chemical dependency often requires that the body undergo detoxification before an individual can get started on the road to recovery. Haven House specializes in helping addicts through this medically sensitive process.

When clients and their families contact a detox center it is often the first time they have reached out to get help for the disease of addiction. Clients are frightened to let go of substances that have helped them cope and anxious about possible withdrawal symptoms. Research indicates that the discomfort of withdrawal (or the fear around this potential discomfort) is one of the primary reasons people resist entering treatment altogether. At Haven House Detox Center we understand how vulnerable clients and their families are at this time. Our program was designed to meet these exact needs. We offer a medically monitored residential drug and alcohol detox that is closely supervised by our residential staff and an independent affiliated team of medical detox specialists. Our consulting physicians have decades of experience managing the symptoms of withdrawal using the latest evidence-based approaches. Our staff of experts is on site to provide round-the-clock support and care throughout the entire process. Our primary goal is to ensure that detoxification process is as comfortable and safe as is medically possible.

What to Expect During Detox

Detoxification is the first step towards recovery when the drugs and alcohol are leaving the body and clients become free of physical dependence. This is a critical time in the healing process and, if attempted alone, can have potentially fatal consequences.

It is normal to experience certain withdrawal symptoms during detox. Symptoms and their severity vary according to the presenting issues of each client. Our team of experts walks each client through the process so that they understand their symptoms and that they are never alone in dealing with them.

The length of time needed for clients to safely detox depends on many variables. Some of the determining factors include: substance use history, physical health of client and the type of substances used. On average, clients can expect to be at the detox level of care from between 3-7 days.


When clients enter our program they are thoroughly assessed by our medical team to determine if they are appropriate for our level of care. If clients meet criteria for our medically managed detox, they meet with our consulting team of psychiatrists and addiction specialists to formulate their treatment plan. Throughout the detox process, clients are continually assessed for physical symptoms as well as their emotional and psychological well-being.

Medication and Care

All clients will be assigned a board-certified physician that will utilize a variety of medications to ensure safety and support during the detox process.

Clients will be encouraged to rest and allow our staff to support them through this first phase of healing.

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