Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Detox

At Haven House Residential Detox Center we understand how vulnerable clients and their families are at this time. Our program was designed to meet these exact needs. We offer a medically monitored residential drug and alcohol detox in Los Angeles that is closely supervised by our residential health care staff and our team of medical detox specialists.

Safe, Comfortable and Caring

Our consulting physicians have decades of experience managing the symptoms of withdrawal using the latest evidence-based approaches. Our staff of healthcare experts are on site to provide round-the-clock support and care throughout the entire process. Our primary goal is to ensure that the detoxification process is as comfortable and safe as is medically possible.

What To Expect During Detox

Detoxification is the first step towards recovery when the drugs and alcohol are leaving the body and clients become free of physical dependence. This is a critical time in the healing process and if attempted alone, may have potentially fatal consequences.

It is normal to experience certain withdrawal symptoms during detox. Symptoms and their severity vary according to the presenting issues of each client. At Haven House residential detox facility, our team of experts walk each client through the process so that they understand their symptoms and are never alone.

The length of time needed for clients to safely detox depends on many variables. Some of the determining factors include: substance use history, physical health of client and the type of substances used. On average, clients can expect to be at the detox level of care from between 5-10 days. Often times, clients will continue with a drug and alcohol rehab program after they have completed detox. After years of experience, Haven House knows addiction recovery requires the right facility and the appropriate level of care for each individual, regardless of weather you’re a man or a woman. We accept most PPO insurance-please fill out our insurance verification form to get started on your road to recovery today.

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Insurance Accepted

Haven House accepts PPO insurance as an option for covering the costs of detox at our Los Angeles detox facility.

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Medical Detox Specialists

Our experts are there to be sure the detoxification process is as comfortable and safe as is medically possible.

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Client Success & Lives Transformed

After years of experience, Haven House knows addiction recovery requires the right facility and appropriate level of care for each individual, man or woman

The Haven House staff is completely invested in the positive outcomes of our clients. With our broad area of expertise, the Haven House team works with you and your family to develop an individualized treatment plan specially designed for your needs. The goal of each team member is to compassionately and professionally guide you through every phase of your recovery. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled recovery experience.

Jeremy Stanton, Founder & Executive Director of Haven House

Our Professional Detox Services

Medication Assisted Therapy

All clients will be assigned a board-certified physician that will utilize a variety of medications to ensure safety and support during the detox process.

Psychological & Emotional Support

Haven House staff is equipped with the right tools to support every step of this process with you.

Family Support
We understand the need for family support & guidance through this journey. We do our best to be of service in any way we can.
Holistic Based Approach
Holistic and Therapeutic support is offered to each client as a pathway to build sustainable lifestyles, within and outside of our facility.
Extended Care & Partial Hospitalization
The goal of Haven House Extended Care Program is to give clients this critical time to solidify the healing of primary care while they take on the new responsibilities of returning to the mainstream of life.
Leading Expert Team
We offer the most effective evidence-based therapies provided by the leading experts in the field.

Detox is dangerous and can be fatal without Medical supervision.

Assessment and Stabilization

Upon entering our program, each client is thoroughly assessed by our medical team to determine the appropriate level of care. This assessment will include a through history of your drug or alcohol use, to individualize your detox and treatment experience. We implement 30-minute rounds on all clients until the cessation is medically cleared by our detox physician. Throughout the detox process, clients are continually assessed for physical symptoms as well as their emotional and psychological well-being. 

Our Expert Treatment Services

Alcohol Addiction

At Haven House, we get to the root of treating alcohol abuse. Haven House offers your own primary therapist, psychiatrist, and group sessions with our clinical team.  They all work together to adhere your specific needs and will address underlying mental health concerns that play a role in abusing alcohol.

Heroin Addiction

You don’t have to have an “addictive” personality to fall victim to heroin. Its effects on the brain and body are overwhelmingly powerful. For this reason, no one should be ashamed to ask for help, because the best treatment for heroin addiction is support.

Meth Addiction

Understanding meth addiction and how it affects the mind is an important part of recovery. Being aware of what it’s doing to you provides a sense of control. Our expert staff at Haven House has extensive knowledge in treating meth addictions.

Opiate addiction

Any stage of opiate drug abuse is a cause for alarm, but when withdrawal symptoms begin to manifest, you are in life threatening territory and should seek out an opiate addiction treatment center. When abused, they take hold of the body at a physiological level by binding to neurological receptors that feed the pleasure centers of the brain.

cocaine Addiction

Whether cocaine is snorted, smoked or injected, this drug is a highly addictive substance that can change the chemical makeup of an individual’s brain. Cocaine, in its various forms, including crack, is a highly-addictive stimulant. Addiction to cocaine, creates long-term changes to the brain’s reward circuitry, among other changes to the functions of your brain. 


Often times users may not know they have an addiction to benzodiazepines until it’s too late to get help. However, the earlier you tackle the problem, the better chance you have of overcoming your addiction. Long-term effects can include cognitive impairment, increased depression, anxiety and even damage important functions of the brain.

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Haven House Treatment Centers provide the best of care for our clients who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our passion stems from the desire to affect positive change on the lives of those who are struggling with the devastating effects of addiction and help them along in the process of healing their lives. We offer the most effective evidence-based therapies provided by leading experts in the field.

What People Have Said About Us

Thank you so much for all your support and help with our son for these past 10 months. I truly appreciate you always being there to answer our endless questions and inquiries. Our experience with your facility has been top notch and we will always refer you with the highest regard.
Thank you for everything!!! When I met you at the baggage claim at LAX, I never could have imagined you & Haven House would change my life and perception so drastically. You’re truly an amazing man with a big heart, who continues to lead by example.
J. & J
No one has ever reached out to me like you have just want you to know it’s very much appreciated, I’m not a dollar sign to you, like most of these places or institutions. Thanks Again.

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