Getting Sober & Finding Your First Job

A big issue for Alcoholics and Addicts that are newly sober is finding employment. Today’s job market looks dramatically different compared to what it looked like […]

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Fear, Anxiety and Social Media.

Today in America we are bombarded with images of horror and terror on a minute to minute basis via social media and news outlets. It has […]

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Introducing the staff of Haven House Treatment Center

The Haven House staff is completely invested in the positive outcomes of our clients. No matter what their area of expertise, the Haven House team works […]

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Is time your friend or your enemy?

Time can be our friend or our enemy. Thinking about time can be your friend or your enemy. When thinking about it in recovery terms you […]

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Recognizing Clinical excellence at Haven House Treatment Center.

Haven House IOP Therapist of the Week: Andrew Wasser is a Mindfully based Marriage Family Therapist, where his approach to Psychotherapy is helping his clients to […]

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You put down drugs and alcohol. Now sex is ruining your life.

When addict or alcoholic gets clean and sober they may think that the substance they were abusing was the problem. Addiction has many faces and it […]

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Stress Management

A great way to start the day and a holistic way to control Panic Attacks. For Centuries Meditation has been used by many cultures as a […]

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Proactive parenting can help prevent drug overdoses.

Proactive parenting and possibly preventing the next opiate overdose. Many parents today do not realize that their son or daughter are addicted to Prescription drugs or […]

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How to determine which rehab is the right one for you or a loved one.

Today there are tens of thousands of drug rehabs nationwide that can help an alcoholic or addict get clean and sober. However the shear number of […]

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Half Empty or Half Full?

Some people might look at this glass of water as being half full and some may think it is half empty. How a person answers this […]

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The Road to Recovery and Avoiding Controversy

It has been said that there can be many paths to the same destination. Haven House holds no opinion on which program to use for Aftercare. […]

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Sobriety and Enjoying Life

Addiction robs many Alcoholics and Addicts of a life that can be enjoyed and meaningful. Once a person gets clean and sober it might be a […]

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Veterans Lose to Addiction & PTSD

We may have won in Iraq but Veterans lose to Addiction and PTSD here at home. The United States may have won the war in Iraq […]

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Addiction, Sexual Abuse and PTSD.

There are many women who suffer from addiction today and maybe carrying something that can be more deadly than just the substance they are abusing. Emotional […]

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Real Rehabilitation instead of Incarceration.

It has been said for years that the State of California was not rehabilitating inmates in California Department of Corrections but merely performing Human Warehousing so […]

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