Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine, in its various forms, including crack, is a highly-addictive stimulant. Addiction to cocaine, creates long-term changes to the brain’s reward circuitry, among other changes to the functions of your brain. While the high doesn’t last long, the side effects do.

Signs of Cocaine Addiction

Signs of cocaine addiction are often easy to detect but can vary from person to person. These signs include:

● Excitability ● Runny/bloody nose ● Talkative habits ● Mood swings

Cocaine withdrawal brings about psychological withdrawal symptoms rather than physical symptoms.

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms include:

● Difficulty concentrating ● Suicidal thoughts or actions ● Fatigue or Exhaustion ● Restlessness

Many people who abuse cocaine find themselves going on “binges”, using more and more of the drug to try to get and stay high. Increased usage can lead to long-term side-effects, including the loss of sense of smell, problems with swallowing, bowel decay from the decrease in blood flow, malnourishment, paranoia, and auditory hallucinations.

Cocaine abuse can also result in death from heart attacks, strokes, or seizures. Cocaine overdose happens when the brain and the body become overly stimulated resulting in increased heart rate.

Cocaine overdose symptoms to look out for include:

● Sweating ● Tremors ● Seizures ● Irregular heart rhythm

Cocaine withdrawal happens when someone who is dependant on the drug suddenly and drastically stops using the substance.

Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal include:

● Anxiety ● Depression ● Low Energy ● Trouble concentrating

At Haven House, we offer medically managed cocaine withdrawal treatment. We’re here to help you move forward. Long-term treatment programs, including an aftercare plan, has shown to be the most effective solution to addressing the affliction.

Contact Haven House, a cocaine addiction treatment center in Los Angeles, today.

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