What Loved Ones Can Be Doing For Addicts Seeking Treatment

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When someone you love is struggling with addiction, you want to do everything that you can to help. After all, your loved one deserves the opportunity to end the cycle of addiction and begin reclaiming their former health and happiness. Now that your loved one has decided to seek treatment, you can use these ideas to show them support.

Talk About the Benefits of Recovery

For an addict seeking treatment, it often feels as though they are staring down a long and difficult road. While addiction recovery is challenging, ruminating on all of the work that must be done is overwhelming enough to cause someone to just give up. You can help your loved one maintain a positive perspective by talking about all of the wonderful things they enjoy once they gain control over their addiction. For instance, your loved one will enjoy having more free time to spend doing the wholesome things that they love such as going camping or spending the day at a museum.

Avoid Leading Them Into Temptation

Drug addiction has deep psychological and physical roots that make it hard for a person to just say no to temptation. For most addicts, there are certain words, places or actions that serve as triggers that cause them to want to do their drug of choice. For example, your loved one may feel tempted to use cocaine if you invite them to a place or event where they used to indulge in their habit. As your loved one seeks treatment, help them stay sober by offering alternatives to the situations that trigger their cravings.

Offer To Help Them Research Their Options

Narrowing down their options is one area where an addict seeking treatment often needs help. This is because there are multiple types of treatment options that are available, and the right one for your loved one depends upon their need for residential or outpatient treatment along with the type of addiction they struggle with now. There are also other factors that weigh into the decision of a treatment program such as what your loved one’s health insurance covers or if they will pay out of pocket. Naturally, the counselors at treatment programs are adept at helping with this stage, but you can add further insight to your loved one’s choice of where to seek addiction treatment.

Help With Specific Tasks During Their Time in Treatment

Your loved one may also be worried about how they will manage their household or other responsibilities while they are in the treatment program. Ask them what types of tasks they need help with, and offer to provide assistance with the ones that you can. Knowing that someone is caring for their lawn or feeding their pet while they are in treatment helps your loved one focus on their recovery.

Be Involved In Their Recovery Program

Many treatment programs rely on sober family members and friends to help people work through the underlying issues that caused them to develop an addiction. For this reason, you may be invited to counseling or therapy sessions that focus on healing your loved one’s relationships. If family therapy is offered, make every effort that you can to show up for the meetings. It is during these sessions when you can work together to begin mending your relationship. You can also make an effort to ask your loved one how they are doing. If the treatment program allows phone calls or visits, then ask your loved one how often they want to communicate. Often, something as simple as a phone call with words of encouragement is enough to help someone struggling with drug addiction get over a hump.

Provide Ongoing Support to Prevent Relapse

As your loved one nears the end of their primary treatment, they will begin to prepare for rebuilding their lifestyle at home. Offer to serve as an accountability partner to your loved one who will point out the signs of an impending relapse. This way, you can assist them with getting further treatment if it is needed to help them stay on the right track for sobriety.

The decision to seek treatment wasn’t easy for your loved one, but it is the right one to help them finally begin their journey to recovery. Now that you know how to help them, be sure to start working together to find an addiction treatment program right away while they are still motivated. Together, you can ensure that they find the right type of treatment to help them enjoy a lifetime of sober living.

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