What Is Neurofeedback?​

Neurofeedback, a specific form of biofeedback, is designed to monitor, quantify, and train brain waves in real time in order to help individuals increase their ability to regulate brain function. The approach uses specialized equipment—usually an electroencephalograph (EEG)—to measure and record the brain’s electrical activity. The Haven House clinical team then works with this information to promote positive brain activity and/or or identify and address any brain areas that may be experiencing dysregulation.

Neurofeedback and Addiction Treatment

After suffering from addiction for an extended period of time, the human brain creates new neural pathways, essentially stopping the itself from self regulating. In recovery, we are trying to “rewire” these pathways.  Haven House uses EEG biofeedback as a non-invasive means of training the brain to self-regulate. EEG sensors are attached to the scalp reading brainwave activity. The “feedback” is that the computer gives rewards to the brain when it produces specific brainwave activity.  We address the underlying causes such as trauma, PTSD, or abuse with this specific therapy in a clinical setting.