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Many Treatment Options, Why Choose Residential?

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What are the Benefits of Recovering in a Residential Treatment Facility?

If you are addicted to drugs, then seeking Los Angeles residential treatment is essential. While some addicts seek therapy at a walk-in clinic, this can lead to problems because you aren’t totally focused on your well-being. Here are some of the benefits of seeking treatment for an addiction along with how to choose a residential treatment center.

Benefit 1: Removing You from Bad Influences

When your friends are encouraging you to use drugs, a residential treatment program that is in a safe location away from them is helpful. You might have the type of personality that makes you want to belong to a crowd, leading to an involvement in dangerous activities such as using heroin or methamphetamines. If you live in a neighborhood where using drugs is a way of life, then experts recommend relocating to a completely different area away from the bad influences.

Benefit 2: Going through Detoxification First

The detoxification process is vital before beginning treatment in a residential program. When you want to enter residential treatment, the facility will require a detoxification process first that removes the majority of the illegal drug from your body. This process might last for only a few days, but it gives you a chance to overcome the horrible physical withdrawal symptoms before you focus on the psychological reasons for your addiction.

Benefit 3: Total Focus on Your Recovery

If you are in an outpatient program, then you aren’t totally focused on overcoming an addiction. You might continue to think about your job, school or home life while your recovery is the last thing on your agenda. In a residential program, you don’t need to think about anything but getting well again along with understanding why you turned to drug use in the first place.

Benefit 4: High-quality Therapists

While you are in a Los Angeles residential treatment program, there are high-quality therapists to help you on a 24-hour basis. You won’t need to wait until your outpatient appointment to talk to a therapist about your emotions while you are becoming sober. If you are having a serious issue with your recovery, then there is someone there to prevent a relapse.

Benefit 5: Personalized Addiction Treatment Plans

Outpatient addiction programs often include a large number of clients who change every week, depending on their work or school schedule. At an inpatient program, you meet with a counselor who talks to you about a personalized drug addiction treatment plan. This plan can include overcoming an addiction to multiple drugs or alcohol along with treating co-occurring conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Benefit 6: Having a Safe Place to Live

When you are an addict, you might live in a horrible environment, or alternatively, you might be homeless, and this living situation is not conducive for your sobriety. A residential facility is a safe place to stay with clean bedrooms and bathrooms along with a dining room where you are served nutritious meals.

Benefit 7: Improving Your Physical Health

As an addict, you may have stopped caring about your physical health because you were focused on finding a drug. Rather than spending money on nutritious food, you used your money to buy cocaine. However, a residential program will offer three healthy meals a day, and you have the option to discuss your specific dietary needs with someone specializing in nutrition.

Benefit 8: You Will Have Emotional Support

In a residential treatment program, everyone in the facility is working together to overcome an addiction. When you are in daily 12-step meetings with the other residents, you can hear stories about what made someone else become an addict, and this is often emotional, but the residents support each other.

Benefit 9: Daily 12-Step Meetings

The daily 12-step meetings in a residential treatment program are the foundation of your wellness. While in treatment, you are required to attend these meetings so that you will begin a lifelong habit of finding new 12-step groups no matter where you live. In Los Angeles, there are hundreds, if not thousands of meetings happening every day. From 12-step to S.M.A.R.T. recovery, to holistic meetings, the variety keeps things interesting.

Choosing a Facility for Your Treatment

If you are wondering how to choose a residential treatment center, then contact Haven House today to learn more about our assortment of programs for men and women of different ages.

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