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At Haven House Residential Detox Center we understand how vulnerable clients and their families are at this time. Our program was designed to meet these exact needs. We offer a medically monitored residential drug and alcohol detox in Los Angeles that is closely supervised by our residential health care staff and our team of medical detox specialists.

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  • PPO Insurance Accepted
  • Medication Assisted Therapy
  • Psychological & Emotional Support
  • Family Support
  • Holistic Based Approach
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Extended Care
  • Leading Expert Team

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Give us a call.
We’re available 24/7


Our Professional Detox Services

Medication Assisted Therapy

All clients will be assigned a board-certified physician that will utilize a variety of medications to ensure safety and support during the detox process.

Psychological & Emotional Support

Haven House staff is equipped with the right tools to support every step of this process with you.

Family Support
We understand the need for family support & guidance through this journey. We do our best to be of service in any way we can.
Holistic Based Approach
Holistic and Therapeutic support is offered to each client as a pathway to build sustainable lifestyles, within and outside of our facility.
Extended Care & Partial Hospitalization
The goal of Haven House Extended Care Program is to give clients this critical time to solidify the healing of primary care while they take on the new responsibilities of returning to the mainstream of life.
Leading Expert Team
We offer the most effective evidence-based therapies provided by the leading experts in the field.

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Haven House brings together a full spectrum of treatment options demonstrating incredible success rates for our clients.

We remain open during the Covid-19 crisis to provide detox and treatment to those in need. Find out more