How to determine which rehab is the right one for you or a loved one.

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Today there are tens of thousands of drug rehabs nationwide that can help an alcoholic or addict get clean and sober. However the shear number of rehabs and which one can provide effective treatment to help a loved one back on to the road to recovery sometimes brings up more questions than answers. Many of those suffering from an addiction to substances or alcohol may have Co-occurring Disorder that may be contributing to repeated relapses and previously went without being properly diagnosed. It just might b e a good idea to have your loved one evaluated by a local psychiatrist and have them perform extensive testing before making the decision on which rehab is right for your family member. Once this has been done find out what is you family member’s diagnosis then you can determine if your loved one needs just rehab for a substance abuse problem or if they need a treatment center that provides therapy for addiction in conjunction with treatment for a specific Co-occurring Disorder. This work done before sending loved one to a rehab can make a difference between just delaying a relapse or a long term and successful recovery.#recovery #sobriety #drugrehab#soberliving #mentalhealth

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