A proper stay in rehab will usually last a minimum of 30 days. During that time, a client will typically go through a medically monitored detox program and spend at least three weeks in intensive therapy, which will include individual and group therapy sessions. Eventually, the big day comes when the client is set free to test their sober wings.

At Haven House Addiction Treatment, we employ highly educated and qualified clinicians who understand the challenges clients will face once they move away from rehab. As a responsible addiction treatment organization, we feel we have an obligation to continue providing our patients with continuing support as they work to acclimate back into society. To help facilitate this transition period, we give patients access to Los Angeles sober living programs.


About Sober Living


When a client leaves rehab, they often feel unsure about their ability to stay clean. They are suddenly faced with a world filled with temptation while also trying to make amends and handle their day-to-day responsibilities. It can truly be a daunting experience. By taking up temporary residence in a sober living Los Angeles facility, the recovering addict gains something very valuable: time to adjust to a new way of living life under life’s terms.

While living in sober living or transitional housing program in Los Angeles, residents are required to attend counseling sessions and 12-Step meetings. They are also required to take on responsibilities around the home. When a resident starts to show progress and stability, they gain the privileged to take on additional responsibilities, including going back to work or school. As progress continues, the resident gets closer to the door and life as a fully functional person.

After spending time in rehab and living in transitional housing programs Los Angeles, the recovering addict should have enough recovery in the books to be able to handle the stress of everyday life. Their coping skills should get them past their triggers, while ongoing support resources to lend enough support to keep temptations at bay.


Halfway Houses in Los Angeles


Sometimes, the cost of sober living is prohibitive. However, there is a more affordable alternative. It’s the Haven House halfway houses in Los Angeles. Haven House halfway houses in Los Angeles serve residents who need time to transition away from addiction treatment.

For a variety of reasons, there’s almost always a halfway house near major cities. If someone is looking for Los Angeles halfway house living, they usually want a halfway house near transportation resources and possible places of employment. The best halfway houses exist to provide structured living for residents undergoing major lifestyle changes.

Confirming the Difference Between Sober House and Halfway House
To better understand the differences between sober living and halfway house living, we can look at how services are provided.

If behavioral problems arise, a resident could face serious ramifications. For the most part, sober living residents can choose their location and have more freedom to move about without restrictions. Should they choose not to follow house rules, they can be asked to leave.

They often share dorm rooms and bathrooms with other residents. They have to sign in, sign out and face restrictions related to personal belongings. Sober living houses are designed for comfort. The residents can have private rooms and bathrooms, amenities like swimming pools and the opportunity to keep most personal belongings in their room.

In both cases, much emphasis is placed on recovery from addiction. At Haven House Addiction Treatment, we fully support both types of aftercare living options. Our job is not complete just because treatment has been successful. That’s why our own sober living homes provide the perfect extension for clients beyond the treatment they get from one of our addiction treatment facilities. That’s part of our commitment to help our clients find recovery and avoid future relapses.

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