Fear, Anxiety and Social Media.

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Today in America we are bombarded with images of horror and terror on a minute to minute basis via social media and news outlets.

It has been said that fear and anxiety are two major contributing factors to addiction along with emotional trauma. Those that have already been traumatized can be triggered by what is constantly shown to them via different forms of media on a daily basis.If you look at the rise in rates of addiction in our country then you need to also look back at recent history.

It was in 2001 that our country suffered one of the most traumatizing events in the history of our country 9/11. Since them Americans have been bombarded with of horror and terror on a daily basis and this can be a major contributing of anxiety for some alcoholics and addicts. This is even more of an issue if someone is currently or previously worked in law enforcement or may have served in the military. So if you find yourself stressed out on a regular basis maybe it is time to stop watching the news for a while of log off of social media it just might change your outlook for the day.

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