Eating Disorder

The Haven House Body Positive Program

The Haven House team would like to announce the launch of our new Body Positive Program. With decades of experience treating both men and women in early recovery, our team recognized a vital need for clients in early recovery who require additional support around negative body image (negative thoughts) and disordered eating (maladaptive coping behaviors that often accompanies these thoughts). Although we are not an Eating Disorders Program, our team felt that we encountered too many clients who did not meet the criteria for an eating disorder but suffer significant distress from body image distortion and food-related behaviors. For some, these symptoms were the crux of what triggered a relapse and spiral back into active primary addiction.


In order to provide these services, Haven House has assembled a team of clinicians, dietitians and a consulting psychiatrist who specialize in Eating Disorders. We have crafted a program of assessment, group and individual therapy that is interwoven into the fabric of our dual diagnosis program. All services complement our dual diagnosis program. Clients will have a team of experts helping them discover irrational belief systems about body size, uncovering triggers for disordered eating and/or negative body image and developing positive coping skills. Clients can begin to leave behind the shame that often accompanies this misunderstood aspect of recovery.


Some of the common thoughts and behaviors that could indicate you or a loved one is struggling with negative body image or disordered eating.

"Now that I quit drinking, I think about food or my body all the time"
"I am no longer using stimulants, and I realize I am terrified of gaining weight."
"I feel ‘out of control’ with food."
"I have been using for so long that I never realized how much I hate my body."
"I know I am overeating, restricting or bingeing and purging, but I don't know how to stop."

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction along with disturbing thoughts and feelings such as these, please call our office for an assessment.

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