Domestic Violence, PTSD and Addiction.

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Today many Mental Health Clinicians see a direct link between emotional trauma and addiction. The cause of emotional trauma is Post Traumatic Stress and how it contributes to Domestic Violence. Those who may be at risk to be an abuser is this case could be a law enforcement officer, military veteran or someone who may have been previously incarcerated. The emotional trauma suffered by the first party can have a domino effect on their relationships. The first party not knowing how to manage their symptoms of PTSD may resort to the abuse of substances or alcohol which can contribute to violent reactions to loved ones. Now the second domino could be a spouse or loved one. Now the victim of abuse may also resort to the abuse of substances and alcohol to drown out the reality of living with someone who is violent or a way to stay in denial of there current abusive relationship. The sad part about this is the fact that even though the victim may decide to exit that relationship and in the future may end up picking a similar person to enter their next relationship with. The only way this may change is if the victim actually seeks treatment for PTSD from domestic violence to break the cycle. There is also hope for the abuser who is suffering from PTSD if they eventually get clean and sober and seek treatment. Hopefully, if both parties seek treatment, a vicious cycle of emotional trauma and abuse is not passed on to the next generation. Get in touch today to learn more about PTSD from domestic violence. Get in touch today to learn more about PTSD from domestic violence.

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