Signs You Have an Opioid Addiction

Signs You Have an Opiate Addiction

Max’s Story Ever since he could remember, Max* knew that he was born to run. When other kids were swimming in the lake during the summer, […]

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Domestic Violence, PTSD and Addiction.

Today many Mental Health Clinicians see a direct link between emotional trauma and addiction. The cause of emotional trauma is Post Traumatic Stress and how it […]

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Super Meth from Sinaloa Mexico..

A drug that is destroying the minds of Americans but no one is really talking about it. Yes, today the United States is a wash in […]

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Russian Roulette, Alcohol and Prescription Drugs.

Mixing Pain Killers with Alcohol. We hear headlines everyday that a record number of people are being admitted to Emergency Rooms nationwide due to prescription drug […]

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Veterans Lose to Addiction & PTSD

We may have won in Iraq but Veterans lose to Addiction and PTSD here at home. The United States may have won the war in Iraq […]

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Addiction, Sexual Abuse and PTSD.

There are many women who suffer from addiction today and maybe carrying something that can be more deadly than just the substance they are abusing. Emotional […]

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