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Sobriety as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) is “the condition of not having any measurable levels or effects from alcohol or drugs.” Sobriety focuses on a drug-free lifestyle while taking into consideration other aspects of life such as behaviors, emotions, mental health, etc. Hence, staying sober can improve these areas of one’s life. While every person is different and will rely on distinct and personal tools to successfully maintain sobriety, consider the following five tips to help you stay away from drugs:

  1. Stick to a routine: Sticking to a regular routine can help provide much needed structure in a person’s life. Structure and routine can give a person a sense of security and can also help a person avoid running into unnecessary triggers and temptations.
  2. Prioritize eating right: Food is not only meant for sustenance. It is a fantastic way to energize yourself and nourish your body. Taking the time to eat healthy foods helps to fuel not only your body, but also your mind. Eat balanced and nutritious meals, stay properly hydrated, and try new foods.
  3. Get enough sleep: Go to bed at a decent time to give your body and mind sufficient rest. Cultivating healthy sleep habits can help you stay mentally, physically, and emotionally fit.
  4. Exercise: Finding healthy pass times is essential to maintaining sobriety. Integrating regular exercise into your daily or weekly routine can help you stay fit, release endorphins (which can elevate your overall mood) and increase your endurance levels.
  5. Make friends and maintain a healthy social life: Surrounding yourself with healthy, sober people can motivate you to be the best version of yourself. Fostering and nurturing your friendships can provide you with an excellent network of support. A healthy circle of friends can be uplifting and inspirational. Furthermore, in moments of boredom, friends can help provide sober, healthy entertainment and company.

Engaging in seemingly harmless or infrequent substance use can be a slippery slope, as it likely provides exposures to other substances that may provoke frequent substance use.

For Information and Support

If you are concerned for yourself or a loved one regarding substance abuse and/ or addiction, we recommend reaching out for help as soon as possible. If left untreated, substance abuse can result in long lasting and potentially life-threatening consequences. Keep in mind: you are not alone! There is an entire network of professionals that are available to help and support you and your loved one throughout the recovery process. The earlier you seek support, the sooner your loved one can return to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions regarding our specific program at Haven House Addiction Treatment and/ or general substance abuse and/ or addiction treatment related information. Our highly trained staff is readily available to discuss how we might best be able to help you and your loved one. We can be reached by phone at 424-258-6792. You are also welcomed to contact anytime us via email at admissions@hhtxc.com.

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